Exploring the Infinite Abyss.

Whenever I go on any trip, there are three things that typically happen:

  1. I meet someone new
  2. I learn something
  3. I experience something breathtaking

Generally, these things happen organically. I’ve never had to set off in hopes of meeting somebody new…it just happens. I think my whole philosophy of never making a plan helps. Sure, there are some major flaws to this way of thinking – kind of like me getting stuck in Santa Fe, NM with literally no hotel around for less than $200 a night. That was a major set back. I kind of wish I would have had a plan then. But it all worked out! (Another one of my many philosophies.)

The point, of course, is to be spontaneous. To be free to do exactly what I want at any given time without having any sort of predetermined plan. I had only one goal: get to the Grand Canyon.

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I read a statistic in The New York Times once that among first-time travelers, 37% were traveling solo, and the trend is only rising.

As a single, 28-year-old, I get it. I fit the core demographic that most travel agencies are targeting these days. I’m sure an anthropologist somewhere has done research and can explain this trend, but I can only speak for myself.

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